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The board is ready to test.
Yeah, this board weight is 3,686kg
It drives very easily, like a real skateboard
the top speed is 39km/H
The rangetest on my fav. test road was 24Km
That's nice for a under 4 Kg weight e-board, this was no kick-push driving, only driving with motor. So this is the minimum range for this board.
Big thanke to my helping hands:
Car and parts specialist Stefan Woike who was helping me by the driving wheel, this wheel is perfect!!
Dorian helping me with aluminium welding the motor mount to the truck, that was difficult but he made it perfect.
Sonni was milling the holes in my motormount

And in a few weeks I will get a new special handmade streetdeck by Jonatan from JES PRODUCTS to reduce a little weight :-)

Now the second rebuilt is ready, the new JES Products mini Deck, new bones ceramic bearings and a new box, painting follows. The actualy weight is 3,37 Kg and it drives wonderful.

here's a youtube video of my first testdrive. more soon.

Pocketboard first test

This is the testdrive without the motor usage, only one time I use the motor

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